Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between in-network and out-of-network providers is the amount you will pay a provider for service.  When a provider partners with an insurance company (in-network), the provider agrees to a negotiated rate for services. When a provider does not partner with an insurance company (out-of-network), the provider is able to charge full price for their services. You may see any provider but you will get the most benefit from your insurance by visiting an in-network provider.

An annual maximum is the maximum dollar amount a benefit plan will pay toward the cost of care within a specific benefit period.

The portion of the cost of your treatment that you are required to pay. Most plans pay a pre-determined percentage of the cost, and you pay your coinsurance amount even after your deductible is reached.

A specific dollar amount that you must pay before the plan begins to cover your expenses.

This is a document you receive from your insurance carrier after you visit the provider. It is not a bill, but rather an explanation of what procedures were performed and what was covered by your plan. These documents may vary with different insurance providers but should include the provider’s fee, the portion your insurer paid and any amount you may owe (such as deductible, coinsurance or non-covered services). It should also include an update on how much of your annual maximum has been used and the amount you’ve paid toward your deductible.

A qualifying life event includes a change in marital status (marriage or divorce), the birth of a child, adoption of a child, or loss of other coverage. You can enroll under a qualifying life event up to 60 days after such an event. If you miss that window, you will have to wait for the next available open enrollment period. If you have a qualifying life event, please contact the Student Support Team at (877) 247-8817

Once payment has been paid and your policy is in-force, there will be no cancellations, refunds, or early termination of coverage. There is a $25 fee for issues related to payment via check or credit card or electronic processing. 

Benefit Partners Technology administers the enrollment and payment process. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Support Team toll-free at (877) 247-8817

For questions about benefits or claims, please visit the Contact Us page of this website for carrier specific contact information.